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Our 2017 Professional Leadership Conference Event is where you and the best leaders in the region are brought together to learn, train, and implement proven leadership strategies in an Interactive Forum on “real time” issues that you and other professional leaders are facing going into the upcoming 2017 calendar year. Some of the most popular training and expertise you can expect are as follows:

– Creating a Leadership Culture of Effective and Efficient Communication

– Mastering Time Management

– Implementing the 5 Levels of Professional Leadership with Difficult Clients and Colleagues

– Mastering Leadership in Creating a Culture that is Proactive vs. Reactive

– How to Hire and Retaining Talented Employees While Protecting the Bottom Line

– Understanding Clients and the Six Basic Human Processes to Decision Making

– Mastering the Art of Negotiation

– How to Effectively Work “on” Your Business Instead of “In” Your Business

Our Leadership Mastery speakers are serial entrepreneurs, professional speakers, authors and consultants sourced from several countries throughout the world to provide our attendees the hands on strategies to become the best leaders in their industry and sphere of influence. You will be met by people who think differently, speak differently and handle life’s challenges from an entirely separate perspective.


Register Now as Seats Are Limited for VIP Pricing of $297.00 per person

“At Leadership Gold, we serve over 51 industries in 19 countries around the world. I am in constant amazement at how many people are willing to hold on to the ‘status quo’ even though they are completely unsatisfied with the results. We hold these seminars to give people the tools they need to create the change they know is necessary to reach their full potential.”


 jerelJerel Benjamin CEO/Profit Gold Group and Leadership Gold. 





First let me say that the Leadership Gold Seminars… was outstanding… TRANSFORMATIONAL! I am looking at things quite differently now. We have a long ways to go to reach our vision but feel we know some steps we can take in that direction and will count on your guidance and encouragement along the way. We are so delighted to have you in our lives!


It took only two days to see what we have been doing wrong, for almost ten years, I have discovered that hard work alone will not take us anywhere; work smart not hard! Personally, this program helped me to see the importance of human needs which will help me to become a better leader. Our team is very excited to be on board and we are looking forward to work with the rest of the team.”


Register Now as Seats Are Limited for VIP Pricing of $297.00 per person



Our attendees are able to ask questions, create breakout group sessions, and interact with both the speaker and others in attendance about their goals, challenges, and the strategies that have worked to overcome them. These seminars are designed to be a life changing experience. Definitely one to never be missed.

This change in mindset will forever change the way you handle your professional and personal lifestyle. We vow that you will never be the same. Take the weekend to invest in yourself. You will be positively changed forever.

Attend our Professional Leadership Seminar Retreat on December 10-11, 2016 at: 

Dallas Marriott City Center Hotel

650 North Pearl St.

Dallas, TX. 75201


Dallas Marriott City Center Hotel

650 North Pearl St.

Dallas, TX. 75201

Tickets are limited and available starting at $297.00