What We Do

Leadership Gold is an International Consulting and Coaching Organization that sources the best speakers from around the world to cater empower professionals with the proven strategies that not only make you successful, but keep you there. With several decades of experience working with clients and professionals from over 19 countries around the world, Leadership Gold has become an international brand equipping professional men and women with the tools necessary to become the best version of themselves professionally, and personally. Our attendees leave our seminars with hands on experience and workbooks custom designed to their life, their challenges, and the solutions developed over our powerful 2-Day interactive seminar.

I’ve had and known many coaches/consultants, but you are by far the best I’ve ever seen or had in my organization.  We must say, that over the past seven months, it has been beyond obvious, that you care as much about our success as we do. We appreciate that, and are being sincere in our informing you of this.”


9 out 10 Americans say that they are overworked and/or out of balance. Their goals are something in the distant future and have become more of a hazy outline of a dream world, rather than a inevitable reality they are making solid progress to obtain. Setbacks, unexpected issues, and constant challenges erode the mindset of most Americans, causing them to perform at levels less than 40% of their actual capacity. The issue is not desire. The issue is knowledge. Knowledge and the application of that knowledge. The old saying that one must work harder to achieve success is not true. One must learn to work smarter, and that knowledge is what we bring to our attendees in our 2-Day interactive seminar series. Our attendees become masters at Work/Life Balance, Time Management, Leadership management, Personal Challenges and other powerful obstacles that challenge professionals with being their best.

“This organization was designed to bring speakers that speak not only about what areas of growth to focus upon, but also the implementation of how to make massive change happen” – Jerel Benjamin/Founder – CEO

By working alongside the best organizations and partners worldwide, LeadershipGOLD Seminars are designed for every professional at every level who knows the value of taking two powerful days to learn the strategies they can implement immediately to create the changes in their lives that take them from where they are to where they want to be.

Attend Our Upcoming Powerful Leadership Seminar Event:

Dallas Marriott City Center Hotel

650 North Pearl St.

Dallas, TX. 75201

Tickets are limited and available starting at $197.00


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