Success Does Not “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

Success Does Not “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

This is the most widely used term among small business owners, and unfortunately the most telling. Trying to “fake” your success until you “make it” sends one solid signal to those who have made it:

You simply don’t know what you’re doing.

Success is not embedded in pretending everything is going well. Answering every question with “we’re so busy”, followed by tremendously fabricated stories about the opportunities that are just over the horizon is a waste of your talent and a waste of time. Such a pretentious outlook will actually prevent you from seeing real opportunities, because you’ve clouded the horizon with mirages of a dreamed reality.

If in your core, you know this describes you, now is the time to do something about it. Reality is: Those who truly have made it, already know you’re faking it. We all “fake” in the same way. We use the same phrases, talk ambiguously about the same “type” of opportunities that never come to pass, and run to the hills when someone ask to see our financial statements when a real opportunity presents itself. Here are the top 3 things you can do to break the cycle:

STOP: You’re only “faking” yourself. If covering payroll is your issue, get into company with those who have succeeded in that area. If obtaining more work is your issue, get into company with those who have proven track records of obtaining profitable clients. Stop seeking the company of those who serve no other value than inflating your ego because they believe in your stories that never actually happen.

EMBRACE REALITY: Look at your situation and articulate on paper where you want to be, when, and why. Realize that you don’t have to possess all of the answers. In fact, no one does. It was Henry Ford who told the US Congress that he didn’t know all of the technical specifications about building cars. He only knew how to find the talent that did. Embrace the reality that there is power in not having all of the answers, and that there is unlimited power when you seek the proximity of those who do possess the knowledge you seek.

TAKE ACTION: Talking about opportunities does not cause them to pass. Taking action by assessing the value you bring to your industry does. Know the value you bring to your potential clients and develop at least seven ways to convey that message. Focus on the freedom you bring to your clients once they have experienced the value you provide and you’ll begin to set into motion the factors that will bring real opportunities to you and your organization.

POINT? The successful entrepreneurs in the world are all settled on one fact: You never succeed alone, and you never succeed by “faking it”. The path to success is paved with humility. Serving and providing value to others MUST be your Number One priority. Realizing that you don’t have all of the answers and such is not necessary to succeed is the key to embracing reality. Recognize and seek out the company of those who have succeeded in the areas you are not strategically strong, and you’ll greatly increase your chances of owning that strategy yourself. Find more innovative ways to let that message out, and you’ll never “fake” another day on your journey to success.