Paul Luman


Paul is a premier speaker, entrepreneur, and former pastor dedicated to helping others discover and live out their purposes in a vivid and meaningful way. Paul believes that every person, regardless of their background and past, can rise above limits and reach their maximum potential. While speaking and training for over 20 years he has a proven history of inspiring others to dream again and see those dreams as real possibilities. His talks are described as fresh, passionate, funny, and to the point.


As founder and CEO of 5 successful organizations, Paul understands what it takes to win. It’s more than skill-set. More than having the right price points and market knowledge. Winning begins inside of a person and flushes out to everything they touch. It’s a daily journey that requires facing uncertainty and fear head-on. Paul puts it this way:


Success isn’t a destination. It’s not a place you magically appear after doing all the right things. Rather, its who you become after picking yourself up from repeated failure and years of building a winning mindset. It’s mastering the thinking patterns, habits, the daily regimens, that create peak results. 


It hasn’t always been easy for Paul and it reflects in his message. The ups and downs of business ownership have formed realistic views of success. And, it’s that reality that speaks to the hearts of those facing challenges tied to getting up everyday and choosing to move forward. What Paul knows is that inside of every person are the seeds of business and personal greatness. And, that we become our best when we connect to the stories of others who share our journeys.



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