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LEADERSHIP GOLD, INC. – Founder Jerel Benjamin

“People are naturally born to be successful. The key to operating a business successfully is combining the right mindset with the right tools and deploying those tools at the right time to create maximum impact.” – Jerel Benjamin

Jerel Benjamin has owned nine corporations with over 23 years of business experience helping companies grow in over 50 industries and 19 countries around the world. His experience has taken companies from start up organizations to 3.1 Billion dollar revenue powerhouses in as little as 19 months. Jerel Benjamin’s experience has earned him speaking opportunities from all over the United States to the Middle East and in several countries in between. He has worked with internationally renown organizations and professionals such as Anthony Robbins, Chet Holmes, and other successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

Success requires systematization of the proper combination of proven strategies. Jerel Benjamin has built ProfitGOLD Group to both educate and implement exactly how to combine the proper leadership mindset with the most innovative tools available to achieve maximum impact for your business. By bringing in professionals from all over the world to serve as consultants, coaches, and professional seminar speakers, clients who interact with our organization learn exactly how to work “on” their business instead of “in” their business.

Jerel Benjamin is very familiar with the “growing pains” of owning corporations and the pain of failure with two of his own corporations not succeeding in the early days of his entrepreneurship:

“In order to succeed, you are going to fail. To pretend that such is not going to happen along your journey is a fundamental mistake. You are going to make mistakes, and you are going to deal with people who doubt you, ridicule you and those who just choose to oppose you because you dare to make a difference in this world. The key is to remember is that all of this is part of the journey. We work with companies and individuals who have reached a level of maturity in their professional life cycles to recognize that optimization of their business is possible without additional painful mistakes, and seeking outside professional consulting and coaching is a necessary component to achieving that optimization.”  

Cutting through the theories about what defines success is another important aspect Jerel Benjamin speaks about when defining his personal journey with owning companies worldwide:

“There are so many myths about business. Keeping secrets close to your chest and pretending to have it all together is the very thinking that sinks companies quickly. Those who truly succeed in business are the ones who seek out knowledge from those who have gone before them. ProfitGOLD Group was founded to bring that knowledge to our clients by sourcing the most successful professionals and proven strategies from all over the world. Empowering professionals to succeed is our mission and the most gratifying aspect of what we do.


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