Leaders Know How to Finish

Leaders Know How to Finish

“Leaders win championships”.

How many times have we heard that in the sports world? That statement is even more accurate for the business world. The main reason over 95% of companies either fail or are not profitable is because they simply don’t know how to finish. Always looking for the “smoking gun” only carries one assurance: You’ll always be looking.

Fortunately there are three proven ways to ensure that you’ll always finish. You have to follow these three steps before you even start. Without them, you’ll join the ranks of those who don’t finish, and your journey will be sure to be a long one.

KNOW YOUR OUTCOME: Not only knowing what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, but also knowing what the outcome will look like once you’ve achieved it is key. You need to not only envision, but fully articulate what the end result will look like and the anticipated impact your success going to have on you, those around you, and most importantly, the clients and others you will be bringing value to as a result. If you cannot articulate this vision, you’re definitely not ready to take on the task. Pause. Get the facts of the vision together, and mark that as point one: Finished

DEFINE YOUR WHY: It has been said by many business professionals such as Tony Robbins and others that answering the question “why” is 80% of everything. Why do you want it? What will it allow you to do that you cannot do now once you accomplish it? You MUST know the answer to these questions and the answer must be plausible. Someone besides you must benefit directly from your why. If you cannot make that happen, success is going to be a hard fought battle. A battle you’ll likely lose, and further a battle that never needed to be waged if you could just get out of your own way and make the success of others the motivating factor behind your efforts. Define the why and it will serve as the fuel to keep you motivated when the journey get tough.

DEFINE THE POST ACTION STEPS: The number one reason many of those who become instant millionaires fail is largely because they never sat down to figure out what sensible things they would do once they actually had the money. This is why prominent sports figures find themselves broke just months after their careers have ended. Why lottery winners declare bankruptcy just a year or so after receiving their winnings. You absolutely MUST define the action steps you are going to take after the success has been achieved. What will you do to reach higher, to reach more people, and provide more value? Define these steps. Make them real, and you’ll see real success.

Point: Don’t ever settle for mediocrity. You must finish what you start and the key to that success is to define the most important factors BEFORE you start. We’ve heard the phrase “failure is not an option”. Well, truth be told, failure is inevitable if you don’t finish. You’ll be sure to miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so make your next shot an excellent one. Apply the three critical points to finishing and you’ll do more than finish….. You’ll succeed